Dr. Wess Jordan performing an Eye Exam


Dr. Wess Jordan performing an Eye ExamAn optometrist is commonly the primary eye care provider for many patients.  Optometrists are required to complete a 4 year undergraduate degree along with 4 years at an accredited optometry school.  They are required to complete a national board examination in order to graduate.  Upon completion of the optometry program, an optometrist receives a Doctorate of Optometry degree.  Optometrists, including the doctors at Optic Gallery Summerlin, perform routine pediatric and adult eye exams.  They also perform medical eye examinations, including dilation of the eyes when necessary, for pink eye, dry eye, diabetes, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and many other eye conditions.  Optometrists are able to write prescriptions for glasses and contacts, along with many medications including antibiotics for pink eye, allergy drops, glaucoma drops, dry eye treatments, and many more.  An optometrist usually does not perform major surgeries, although they can perform many in office procedures such as removal of debris (foreign bodies) from the eye.

Commonly, optometrists work alongside opticians to provide the best experience possible.  An optician is well educated in the fitting of glasses and lenses.  They have extensive knowledge in eyeglass frames, lens materials, and other optical products.  The opticians at Optic Gallery Summerlin are some of the most highly trained in the city.  They can provide suggestions on what eyeglass frames or materials are best for you based on your facial features and glasses prescriptions.