Enchroma for Colorblindness

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Colorblindness or color vision deficiency is a condition in which a person is unable to distinguish certain shades of color. It affects millions of people worldwide. In fact, 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are colorblind.

Red-green color blindness is the most common type of color vision deficiency. Persons with this condition have difficulty distinguishing, reds, greens, grays, and purples among others. It is most often inherited genetically although certain types may also be acquired.

Enchroma lenses help to enhance color vision by filtering out certain wavelengths of lights which color deficient persons may find difficult to distinguish. By doing so, colors appear more vibrant and saturated. Since all EnChroma lenses filter light, there is always some amount of tint to the lenses. Currently, there are two types of lenses available. The indoor lens has a light tint, while the outdoor lens has a darker sunglass lens. The EnChroma effect is more pronounced with the outdoor lens.


The Summerlin Optic Gallery location carries a wide range of non-prescription EnChroma products available for purchase same day. We also offer prescription EnChroma lenses in the frame of your choice. Prescription eyewear can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to arrive. Non-prescription EnChroma eyewear starts at $349. EnChroma prescription lenses start at $599.

Optic Gallery Summerlin Enchroma Demonstration

Optic Gallery Summerlin offers EnChroma demonstrations by appointment only…. These demonstration appointments are required to try the product in our office. During this demonstration, one of our staff members will spend one-on-one time with you to determine if the lenses work for you. EnChroma appointments typically last 20-30 minutes. This is because not all patients experience an immediate effect from the lenses. It may take your eyes some time to adapt to the lenses. There is a $50 charge for EnChroma demonstrations. This amount can be applied to any same day purchase within our office, including non-EnChroma products. All comprehensive eye exams include an EnChroma demonstration at no additional cost.

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