Cataracts are a common ocular condition in which the lens inside of the eye becomes clouded. Cataracts are more common as age increases and are known to be related to exposure to UV light from the sun. Wearing sunglasses starting at a young age has been shown to help prevent cataracts. Cataracts can also be caused by some medications and systemic medical conditions. Symptoms of cataracts include blurred vision even with optimal glasses prescription, increased glare at night time, and decreasing night vision. Optic Gallery Summerlin offers cataract evaluations as part of our comprehensive eye exam. This exam would include dilation of the eyes with careful examination of the lens. Our doctors have extensive experience in cataract diagnosis and management. They commonly provide cataract pre-op and post-op evaluations to patients undergoing cataract surgery. Our doctors will advise you on options for treatment of cataracts as part of your exam. Some patients may have mild cataracts which require annual eye exams to monitor them, while some patients may require cataract surgery. Call our office today to schedule your comprehensive eye exam including cataract evaluation.

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