Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

The doctors at Optic Gallery Summerlin prescribe a vast array of contact lenses including daily disposable contacts, contacts for astigmatism, eye color changing contact lenses, and even multifocal contacts specifically designed for reading.

Daily disposable contact lenses are quickly becoming one of the most popular contact lenses available due to their unprecedented convenience, comfort, and cleanliness. Daily disposable contact lenses are specially designed to be thrown away after a single use. This cuts down on end of the day contact lens maintenance time, and nearly eliminates the need for contact lens solutions and cases. These lenses are ideal for patients with busy schedules, for new lens wearers who more commonly rip and tear lenses, and they are a must have for patients who may have less than ideal hygiene habits. Contacts for astigmatism provide a clearer image for patients with astigmatism by incorporating this prescription into their contact lenses. If you have uncorrected astigmatism and are looking for clearer vision, visit one of our doctors for a contact lens evaluation today.

Color changing contact lenses work with the natural color of your eyes to add a fun twist to your look. Our office stocks a wide variety of color contact lens trials for you to try today. Color contact lenses can be prescribed with and without a prescription depending on your needs. A contact lens fitting and prescription are always required when purchasing color contacts.

Multifocal contact lenses have come a long way in recent years, now offering vision at distance, intermediate, and near. These lenses have given our patients the opportunity to free themselves from reading glasses using a comfortable soft contact lens. Our doctors have extensive experience in fitting these lenses or trouble-shooting problems with your current lenses.

Not sure which contact lenses are best for you? Let our doctors recommend the best product for your eye health and vision. Call our office and schedule a consultation today.

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