What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a disease of the eye in which the optic nerve progressively deteriorates causing loss of peripheral vision initially and possible blindness over time. Glaucoma is commonly related to increased eye pressure although not in all cases. Glaucoma is well known to have a strong genetic component, where patients with family history of glaucoma have an increased risk of the disease. Glaucoma is a dangerous eye condition since there are no symptoms initially. Eye pressure could be elevated for years while damage is occurring to the optic nerve without ever knowing until it may be too late. Our doctors strongly recommend an eye exam every year to monitor for glaucoma, especially in patients with a family history of glaucoma.

Glaucoma Treatment

Treatments for glaucoma include eye drops and different types of glaucoma surgery. Often, if glaucoma can be detected in its early stages and treated effectively, damage and vision loss can be minimized. Our doctors are certified by the State of Nevada in the treatment and management of glaucoma. Throughout their training, they have evaluated a large number of glaucoma patients ranging from early cases to advanced glaucoma. The comprehensive eye exam at Optic Gallery Summerlin includes several tests that help our doctors monitor for glaucoma, including measurement of your eye pressure, screening peripheral vision tests, and visualization of the optic nerve with dilation. Digital retinal photography and the OCT scan performed during Wellness testing are recommended to provide more accurate documentation of your optic nerve health. If our doctors feel you have an increased risk for glaucoma, they may recommend you have a more detailed glaucoma evaluation including a more in-depth peripheral vision test among other testing. Call our office today to schedule your comprehensive eye examination including a glaucoma evaluation.

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