Keratoconus Treatment

Orthokeratology at Optic Gallery Summerlin NVKeratoconus is a progressive disease of the cornea in which the cornea gets steeper and thinner over time.  Patients with Keratoconus can have extremely high amounts of near sightedness and astigmatism.   Usually these patients have trouble achieving 20/20 vision through their glasses.  Many patients can achieve better vision with the use of specialty contact lenses that can be precisely fit to their eyes by the doctor.Optic Gallery Summerlin explains Normal Cornea - Keratoconus

Dr. Jordan has extensive experience with Keratoconus and is well versed in all of the latest Keratoconus contact lens designs including rigid (hard) contact lenses, hybrid contact lenses such as Synergeyes, and larger scleral contact lenses.  Dr. Jordan commonly receives referrals from other doctors to provide specialty contact lens services.

He is available for second opinions to troubleshoot problems with past lenses, or to advise patients on possible surgical options such as corneal collagen cross linking, Intacs ring implants, and corneal transplants.  Certain insurance companies, such as VSP, consider Keratoconus contact lens fitting and Keratoconus lenses “medically necessary” in which case they provide benefits for these services and materials.  Contact our office today to schedule a Keratoconus contact lens fitting today.