How to Clean Your Glasses

How many of us are guilty of cleaning that annoying smudge off of our glasses by using our breath to fog up the lenses and then rubbing them with the corner of our shirt / Kleenex / paper towel? More than likely, most of you reading this are guilty of it and at the very least, have seen others do it. Sure, it’s convenient but by wiping that smudge away like this, you’re leaving behind tiny scratches in those lenses with those rough fibers or dust. Unfortunately, once your lenses have those scratches in them, there is no way to remove them or buff them out.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Your Glasses?

It’s probably simpler than you think. The American Optometric Association recommends using warm water and a dab of kitchen soap o the pads of your fingertips to work up a lather, then rinse with water and dry with a soft cotton cloth.

When you’re on the go, use a spray lens cleaner designed for lenses and a cotton lens cloth to keep your lenses smudge and scratch free.

Never use window cleaner on your lenses or anything else with ammonia, bleach or vinegar as these will strip your lenses of the coatings used to keep off glare and reflections.

How to Clean Your Glasses

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